We are preparing such an amazing festival to share with you, Shia! Can’t wait to shake some booty with you!! #shiashowup

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Instagram video by Performance Art Houston • Jan 15, 2017 at 9:05am UTC

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#shiashowup pro-Shia protest. Sign the petition! Www.shiashowup.com #houston #tx #houstonart #performanceart

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This is the live video from our 4 hour performance created as an homage to Shia’s four year live feed performance #hewillnotdivideus. During a strange performance art party in the heart of suburbia, we set up a live feed camera in an upstairs closet. Throughout the party we *sometimes drunkenly* talk about what our campaign #shiashowup means to us– and explain why we want Shia LaBeouf to show up at our performance art festival Experimental Action!


Our live feed phone contraption stopped live feeding in the middle so this is the continuation of the performance: